In-House Counsel (Farata Systems LLC – New York, NY)

  • Perform research and gather and analyze legal materials related to intellectual property, patents, and trademarks, particularly as regards copyright registration, worldwide trademark applications and the structure of non-disclosure/trade secret agreements).
  • Provide legal counsel on underlying rights clearance, the chain of title, copyright and other intellectual property matters (such as the transfer and sharing of intellectual property of Farata Systems, including drafting appropriate agreements).
  • Advise on information/data security, privacy, and confidentiality considerations. Monitor and assess regulatory developments and best practices in the areas of disclosure, corporate governance, data, and privacy regulations, and securities laws, and developing implementation strategies as appropriate.
  • Prepare agreements for the procurement of technology solutions and other products and services. Review, analyze, propose modifications and prepare amendments to agreements and contracts with international clients. Research international, commercial, and tax law to obtain legal information and data received from international sources.
  • Advise management on the implementation of, and risks associated with technology systems and innovations. Make recommendations regarding the approval or rejection of settlements and mediation, and the advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits. Gather evidence and review cases to determine which cases to forward to outside counsel for possible litigation.
  • Serve as liaison between the business affairs executives and any outside counsel employed by Farata Systems and/or other external legal communities.
  • Confer with the business affairs executives to detect inaccurate statements or information, omissions of essential terms, and conflicts with possible legal prohibitions.
  • Oversee the drafting of legal documents on behalf of Farata Systems. Provide general in-house legal services, including the review of documents and all legal paperwork; writing of legal briefs and memoranda; and preparation of other legal materials.
  • Provide such other professional legal affairs-related tasks as needed and assigned.
Telecommuting allowed. 35hrs/week.

Requirements: JD or equivalent + 4 years experience including in-house IP, corporate transactions, compliance. License to practice law in NY.

To apply: email resume to

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