The following featured projects can give you an idea of what we develop for our customers. We take great pride in giving best possible solutions to our clients. Just click on one of the panels below, and you’ll see a short video about selected application.

  • ITB Connect Trading platform

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    Designed by experienced traders, iTBconnect is an easy-to-use, advanced bond electronic trading platform. It supports Live, streaming 2 way quotes for 35,000+ securities backed by over 200 dealers. This application providers users with the access to multi-dealer inventories in Treasuries, Agencies, Corporates and Municipal bonds.

  • Mercedes Benz USA

    Back in 2008, Mercedes Benz USA had a major project to revamp their consumer-facing Web site. The first version was implemented using Adobe Flex on the client site and Java on the server. Engineers of Farata Systems helped Mercedes to architect and implement the front end piece.

  • Logistics company

    This application allowed a logistic company to select the proper supplier for their orders.

  • SuranceBay – Automation of Insurance Agencies

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    SureLC automates the work of field force and back office routines in a smart way by replacing conventional paper-intensive process with highly efficient electronic forms. Most of the manual data entry is replaced with the auto-filling of the documents by integrating SureLC with data provided by state authorities, financial and medical institutions. Conventional paperwork is electronically processed with optical character recognition, the content is matched and processed using full text search and dynamic business rules. As result, typical contract preparation for an insurance agent has been reduced from 30 to 3 minutes.

This is just a handful of dozens of applications that we created for our clients over the years. Please contact us, and we’ll make your project a success too.

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