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  • Angular development with TypeScript

    Angular development with TypeScript, Second Edition

    Angular Development with Typescript, Second Edition is an intermediate-level tutorial that introduces Angular and TypeScript to developers comfortable with building web applications using other frameworks and tools. You’ll start by exploring what makes Angular different by building an online auction app. As you move through the chapters, you’ll explore TypeScript as you learn to write type-aware classes, interfaces, generics, and more.

  • Angular 2 development with TypeScript

    Angular 2 development with TypeScript

    Angular 2 Development with Typescript teaches the reader Angular, while it also teaches TypeScript and how to take advantage of its benefits. This hands-on book begins with an overview of Angular architecture and an introduction to the online auction application that will be developed throughout the book. It teaches TypeScript and how to write classes, interfaces, and generics, as well as how to transpile TypeScript code into today’s JavaScript that can be deployed in all Web browsers. More topics include data and views, user interaction with forms, and communicating with servers. Finally, the book shows how to test and deploy Angular applications.

  • Enterprise Web Development

    Enterprise Web Development

    If you want to build your organization’s next web application with HTML5, this practical book will help you sort through the various frameworks, libraries, and development options that populate this stack. You’ll learn several of these approaches hands-on by writing multiple versions of a sample web app throughout the book, so you can determine the right strategy for your enterprise.

  • Java Programming 24 Hour Trainer

    Java Programming 24-Hour Trainer

    A unique book-and-video package presented by Java guru Yakov Fain. As one of the most popular software languages for building Web applications, Java is often the first programming language developers learn. The latest version includes numerous updates that both novice and experienced developers need to know. With this invaluable book-and-video package, Java authority Yakov Fain fully covers Java’s new features as well as its language extensions, classes and class methods, and the Swing Application Framework. For each lesson there is an accompanying instructional video to reinforce your learning experience.

  • Enterprise Development with Flex

    Enterprise Development with Flex

    Enterprise Development with Flex: Best Practices for RIA Developers is groundbreaking book shows Flex developers exactly what’s required to build production-quality Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) for the enterprise. Part of the popular Adobe Developer Library co-published by O’Reilly and Adobe, Enterprise Development with Flex goes well beyond Flex tutorials and product documentation to suggest best practices, compare frameworks and tools, and offer efficient techniques for developing enterprise RIAs.

  • Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java

    Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex & Java (Secrets of the Masters)

    This book is aimed squarely at the IT developers. It is not a replacement of documentation that ships with Flex. It is expected that you would use online help/references for detailed review if the methods and properties. Instead, this book is a practical course that takes you into the world of real-life RIA applications. We also provided open source components and libraries that we hope will help you in your own development.

  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition

    Enterprise Software Without the BS

    This free ebook is not technical, but covers such topics as writing resumes, looking for a job, working as an employee or a consultant, your salary/rate, political stuff, outsourcing, and more.

  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition

    Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4 Bible

    Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is the specification that all enterprise Java developers need to build multi-tier applications, and also the basis for BEA’s WebLogic Application Server and IBM’s WebSphere* Revised to be current with the significant J2EE 1.4 update that will drive substantial developer interest. Written by a top-selling team of eleven experts who provide unique and substantial business examples in a vendor-neutral format, making the information applicable to various application servers.

  • The Java Tutorial for the Real World

    The Java Tutorial for the Real World

    This book is a compressed practical manual on the Java programming language, and consists of 21 lessons.The main features of the Java language are covered in the first half of the book and such advanced topics as working with databases, Java Servlets, JSP, EJB, and JMS are explained in the second half. Most of the lessons from this book come with working applications and setup instructions. The first 10 lessons come with independent applications and the second half of the book leads you through development of a Stock Trading System, the final version of which is designed using Java servlets, JSP, EJB, and JMS.

  •  Java for Kids Parents and Grandparents

    Java for Kids, Parents and Grandparents

    Free e-book. This book is an easy and fun way to learn programming with Java. It’s written for kids from 10 to 80 years old. This book is available in several languages.

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