We Develop Open Source Software

  • Components library

    swc file that includes a number of enhanced Flex components like Datagrid, ComboBox et al.

  • DTO2Fx

    A utility that automatically generates proper ActionScript or JavaScript (Ext JS) classes based on annotated Java DTOs.

  • DTO2JS

    A utility that generates JavaScript code for Ext JS framework

  • Clear Data Builder

    Eclipse plugin

    Clear Data Builder allows to generate CRUD applications for BlazeDS based on Hibernate or iBatis persistence framework or Plain Old Java Objects.

Clear Toolkit

Farata Systems created open source framework for Web developers to bring together JavaScript, Apache Flex, BlazeDS, Spring, and/or Hibernate/iBatis frameworks.

Clear Toolkit is not an architectural framework. It is a set of components, code generators, and plugins that extend Apache Flex framework and tools built on top of these components that substantially increase productivity of the enterprise JavaScript and Flex developers.

Download Clear Toolkit

Clear Toolkit Wiki page.

Featured Reviews

I was first going to buy Clear Toolkit when it was offered for sale back in 2008. Now, having worked with the Farata Team software for over 3 years I can say that I am convinced they have a systematic approach that is advanced and keeps getting better year after year. Spring Roo and all the other web-kit style solutions are still searching for a definitive answer that is as complete as the Clear approach. Great stuff, and I appreciate it every time I have the opportunity to use it.

By sourceforge user — Curtis Fisher

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