We Make Your Business Mobile

More than 50% of all Internet access is done via smart phones and tablets. But migration of your application to the hand-held devices usually requires rethinking and redesign of the UI layer of your legacy systems. Not every IT manager fully understand the magnitude of such projects. These are some poor judgements about developing software for mobile devices:

As long as it’s a tablet (and not the phone), we should be able to just run existing applications via a Web browser, Citrix, an the like.
We can do it incrementally, one function at a time using native tools.
Native platforms are not matched by cross platform tools.
We can not afford developing for 4 platforms / there are no tools.
Our users are accustomed to our web/desktop applications.

While developing for mobile devices any IT shop will face the following challenges:

Smaller screens, no “one size fit all” solutions allowed.
Low memory, other processes can affect the behavior of your application.
Low CPU specs, CPU throttling required for temperature/battery performance
Heavy security restrictions imposed, VM barriers, no conventional inter-process communications
Limitations of the native platforms

Let us help you to enter the mobile world the right way.

What we do

  • We build your applications
  • We make your business mobile
  • We mentor and train your developers
  • We create modern UI for your systems