Training At Farata: YouTube Chanel

Intro to Java. Unit 9. I/O Streams. Serialization. Basic Networking

Duration: 68.18 min.   Views: 32

In this lesson Yakov Fain shows how to works with file, serialize objects and programmatically download files from the Internet.

Intro to Java. Unit 11. Intro to concurrent processing

Duration: 64.50 min.   Views: 34

In this lesson you’ll get introduce to concurrent processing in Java using multi-threading.

Intro to Java. Unit 10. Stock quotes with URL, Sockets, and RMI

Duration: 55.33 min.   Views: 118

In this lesson you’ll see one more use case of using the URL class. We’ll be getting real-world stock price quotes. Then we’ll proceed to discussing Java sockets and Remote Method Invocation.

Intro to Java. Unit 8. Selected Collections. Generics

Duration: 41.07 min.   Views: 153

In this lesson Yakov Fain shows the use of selected collections and introduces Generic types.

Intro to Java. Unit 7. Error Handling. Exceptions,

Duration: 47.22 min.   Views: 135

In this lesson Yakov Fain covers the basics of error handling in Java.

Intro to Java. Unit 6. GUI with Swing. Part 2. Inner Classes. Applets

Duration: 67.68 min.   Views: 149

In this lesson you’ll learn how to use Swing adapter classes and inner classes for event processing. There also an overview of Java applets, a little bit of HTML and Web servers.

All slides are here:

Intro to Java. Unit 5. GUI with Swing. Part 1.

Duration: 71.70 min.   Views: 147

This is the fifth lesson of the Java Training by Yakov Fain from Farata Systems. You’ll learn about creating windows that contain such GUI components as buttons, labels, text fields.

Intro to Java. Unit 4. Interfaces and Abstract Classes.

Duration: 51.20 min.   Views: 179

This is the fourth lesson from the course “Intro to Java”. Yakov Fain explains Casting, Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Polymorphism

Intro to Java. Unit 3. Bits and Pieces

Duration: 68.05 min.   Views: 176

In this unit you’ll learn about Java arrays, loops, packages, access levels, and command line arguments

Intro to Java. Unit 2. Part 2. Intro to Git

Duration: 72.08 min.   Views: 363

In this video Yakov Fain explains the basics of Git version control system and how to publish your code on

Nashorn: Java & JavaScript. Shaken, Not Stirred

Duration: 89.35 min.   Views: 336

Screen recording + voice over from Princeton JUG meeting Presented on Feb 5, 2014 by Viktor Gamov, Farata’s Senior Engineer.

* Code:
* View slides:
* PDF slides:

Intro to Java. Unit 2. Intro to OOP

Duration: 68.23 min.   Views: 248

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java

Introduction to Java. Unit 1

Duration: 74.52 min.   Views: 1288

This is the first video of the training “Intro to Java and Java EE” taught by Yakov Fain from Farata Systems. This course will consist of 18 lessons published weekly. The videos are free to use under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. If you want get the feedback from the instructor while studying, register for the paid tech. support at

Productive Enterprise Web Development with ExtJS and CDB. Episode 3

Duration: 10.57 min.   Views: 714

This is the third episode of the HTML5 productivity series, where the opensource tool Clear Data Builder generates a Web application that uses ExtJS framework, Ext Direct, and Java.
In this episode you will learn how add data pagination functionality to the ExtJS grid component.

Episode 3 agenda and links:

Productive Enterprise Web Development with ExtJS and CDB. Episode 2

Duration: 18.83 min.   Views: 614

This is the second episode of the series about HTML5 opensource productivity tool called Clear Data Builder. In this series you will learn how jump start  development of the Web application ExtJS framework, Ext Direct,  and Java.

In this episode you will learn how to create a CRUD application in about 15 min and display the data in browser with Ext.grid.Panel component.

Episode 2 Agenda and links:

Productive Enterprise Web Development with ExtJS and CDB. Episode 1

Duration: 7.00 min.   Views: 934

This is the first episode of the series about HTML5 opensource productivity tool called Clear Data Builder. In this series you will learn how jump start  development of the Web application ExtJS framework, Ext Direct,  and Java. In this episode you will learn how to create first ExtJS MVC application for Java project.

Episode 1 Agenda and links:

Introduction to ExtJS by Farata Systems

Duration: 55.32 min.   Views: 25740

In one hour you will learn the basics of ExtJS MVC application. No prior knowledge of ExtJS is assumed. We will start with the slides and end with the working Eclipse Dynamic Web / ExtJS project. The presentation is based on the introductory portion of our ExtJS training workshop taught by request:

Java Basics for Flex and Flash Developers

Duration: 104.58 min.   Views: 2168

This is a recording of the online presentation at NJ Flex users group ( Yakov Fain explained the Java basics comparing this language with ActionScript 3. The presentation started with a quick HelloWorld in Eclipse, and then quickly progressed to abstract classes, generics, multi-threading and Java servlets.

WebSockets: The Current State of the Most Valuable HTML5 API

Duration: 68.35 min.   Views: 7220

HTML5 specification includes WebSockets, a new communication protocol for the Web. It’s becoming the best choice for building real-time Web applications. This presentation is an overview of the servers and frameworks that support WebSockets. You’ll see some use cases where WebSockets shine. We’ll also discuss various approaches for the server- and client-side implementations of WebSockets that can be used in the Web applications today.

Speaker bio:
Viktor Gamov is a senior software engineer at Farata Systems. He consults financial institutions in design and implementation of Rich Internet Applications with HTML5, Flex and Java. Viktor is passionate about writing the code, open source community and Java ecosystem. He holds MS in Computer Science.

Advanced Introduction to JavaScript

Duration: 81.58 min.   Views: 27786

Some software developers have an impression that JavaScript is a second-league interpreted language with the main purpose of making Web pages a little prettier. The reality is different though. JavaScript is a powerful, flexible, dynamically typed language that supports object-oriented programming. JavaScript functions are the first class citizen that can live their own lives as opposed to Java’s methods. HTML5 becomes a new buzzword, but 80% of development time on such projects is spent writing JavaScript code.This presentation is a super-intensive overview of the modern JavaScript programming language.
This screencast is recorded by Yakov Fain for the Fifth Annual Farata Symposium on Software Development.

Getting started with ExtJS in Intellij IDEA

Duration: 7.75 min.   Views: 11064

In this short screencast Farata’s software engineer demonstrates how easy setup Intellij Idea for developing web application with Sencha’s ExtJS framework

Creating ExtJS/Java CRUD Applications with Clear Data Builder

Duration: 7.85 min.   Views: 8065

Clear Data Builder for Ext JS (CDBExt) is an open source tool that automatically builds Ext JS/Java EE CRUD applications given one or more annotated Java interfaces. The generated JavaScript and Java code enforce best Ext JS and Java EE practices and is deployed on the development version of the Tomcat ready to run. A tiny library of Ext JS components accompanying CDBExt – Clear components – enables transactional data sync with the application server, including deeply nested hierarchical data transaction, features not supported in native Ext JS 4.

Free Eclipse Plugin for building BlazeDS / Adobe Air Android Applications

Duration: 9.72 min.   Views: 1653

Learn how to use Farata ClearDS plugin to create Android apps with Adobe AIR UI and BlazeDS embedded in the APK. As a major advantage over Air Native Extensions, it allows you to DEBUG your Java code. Also, now you can P2P with the mobile on the VPN, regardless of the number of network hops. Download and installation link:

Lazy Loaded Collections for Adobe Flex and BlazeDS

Duration: 9.22 min.   Views: 1070

This is a demo of data collections that implement lazy loading of large data sets and smooth scrolling in Flash Player


Duration: 2.50 min.   Views: 737

Embedding Adobe AIR and BlazeDS into Androind device allows to access 100% of Android Java API from MXML/ActionScript code via RemoteObject and Producer/Consumer messaging.
For more details visit

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